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Summer 2017 – Pre & Post Program Parent Social Skills Ratings Outcomes *

  • Ages 4-6:  20% Increase in Social Competence
  • Ages 7-8:  27% Increase in Social Competence
  • Ages 9-12:  9% Increase in Social Competence

*Prior results do not guarantee future performance




BADP parents rated our program at 97% satisfaction and 100% said they would recommend BADP to other parents.


Here’s what our 2018 parents had to say about their experience at BADP:

“I have to take a minute to praise the Big Apple Day camp! My son has NEVER had a good camp experience.  You guys are AMAZING! Shuni has been nothing short of fantastic and I am so grateful for this summer program. My son actually enjoys going to camp-even if he complains about the academics lol! Not only was he able to make new friends- he has a girlfriend! Thank you again and looking forward to many summers together!”


Here’s what our 2017 parents had to say about their experience at BADP:

“BADP had us at ‘hello.’ My child loved this experience, eager to be immersed in the social skills and behavioral training…every day…for six weeks. The phone call after the first day nearly killed me, “Dad, I love camp!” That call was repeated each day to describe the day’s activities and the DRC score. The staff is very well-trained, attentive (for every single minute; and that’s the secret sauce), patient…and willing to get their hands (very) dirty in ways we haven’t experienced elsewhere; you’ll want to take them home with you.”

“BADP has been a cornerstone in my son’s success. What started as an alternative to mainstream vacation camp has become our summer program of choice. For four years BADP has provided a safe, nurturing and socially driven space to grow for our now 11 year old. To say our son loves it is an understatement. He not only raves about the weekly trips, but takes pride in the day to day activities brilliantly disguised as fun. BADP incorporates academics, sports, self regulation and social-emotional skills in everyday play. Swimming twice a week has made him safe and more proficient in the water. Advancing to a new swimming level year after year is now like a badge of honor. Real friendships were created at BADP and continue till this day. It is not uncommon to have several camp buddies at birthday parties and the same is true for play-dates throughout the year. What happens behind those walls is magical- the kids are having a blast and building real skills at the same time. My son’s self-confidence is largely due to the tracked success he sustains while at camp. The parent portion of the program is equal to months or years of private instruction. There is literally a handbook to guide you through rather challenging aspects of raising kids. This portion of the camp is powerful and transformative for families ready to understand their roles in getting their child where he or she deserves to be. There are less expensive camp options for sure, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive and individualized program than the one Dr. Josh has created. Our son has no idea there exist a better way to spend his summer and frankly I cant say I disagree.”

“Our daughter loves BADP! She comes home so happy, having so many friends, and learning so many new social skills. It’s a wonderful program led by many wonderful, caring professionals. Thanks BADP!”

“BADP was an excellent experience for our son and for us as parents- there was consistent, informative and thorough communication throughout.”

“The camp helps build on and reinforce the lessons we are teaching our child about being a good friend, a good person, and member of the community.”

“Now that we have experienced BADP we cannot imagine sending our kids anywhere else. The entire staff from doctors to counselors are so well trained and extremely attentive and supportive. It feels great seeing how well they have learned all about your child and how accurate they are with their assessment. It is worth every penny for the amount of effort and growth that you will see in your kids.”

“We are thrilled to have finally found a camp that kids feel, was made specifically for their needs. To hear them call BADP “a place for me” and have them recognize that they are being taught skills that help them through their days, gives us a sense of accomplishment. Doctors Josh, Shuni, and Lauren are so dedicated to their work and our families, that we all feel supported.”

“BADP taught my child the tools and gave him the confidence to approach new social situations in an age appropriate way.”

“For the first time we feel our child is receiving guidance that helps him.”

“We absolutely love BADP and we are huge fans!!! Because of the guidance, we received from amazing Dr’s and educators, we Identified new areas of development for our son and this will help our son tremendously. We are so deeply grateful and we can’t wait to be back next year!!!”

“BADP is by far the best camp we have encountered. The structure & approach is fun for the children and allows them to meet goals, learn more about themselves and others. My son came home everyday so happy and expressing his love for BDAP! Thank You!!!”

“Big Apple Day Program was a game changer for our family. It helped us better understand our child and his needs. It was powerful and amazing to watch him thrive and take pride in his progress.”

“BADP program was great for my daughter, who is making the transition to middle school in September. The staff helped her to set and achieve goals that she will need to apply when making friends and participating in activities in her new school. Most of all, the staff helped my daughter to feel great about herself. I highly recommend BADP.”

“Our son spend four years at BADP. The counselors and other students enrich his life through a strong sense of common engagement and achievement. Excellent program with lasting benefits.”

“As a parent of one of the older kids we have experienced many other social skills camps and BADP has been one of the most comprehensive in targeting and highlighting preferred behaviors while maintaining a truly fun environment for the kids. The counselors were amazing and the parent sessions tied it all together for us to keep the momentum going at home.”

“BADP has really helped my son improve his social skills. The consistent focus on these skills daily has made a big difference in his interactions. I’m really impressed that he knows the name of all the camp mates in his age group. He’s excited to go to camp everyday.”

“BADP was a great experience for my son. I was worried he would have a very difficult time going to a summer camp that included academics and “work” — but he LOVED it and learned a lot!”

“Big Apple Day program made my son feel welcome from the minute he walked in the door – he then became so excited to go to camp every single morning. We wish his school mimicked this program, we were so satisfied with the progress he made in such a short amount of time.”

“Our son, age 7, blossomed in this camp. He made friends (one BFF, in his own words) and had a lot of fun. The individual tailoring of the social skills taught was extremely helpful and the overall social skills program also went over great with our son. The balance of indoor teaching and outdoor sports and swim was perfect. We hope to be back next year!”