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BADP parents rated our program at 97% satisfaction and 100% said they would recommend BADP to other parents.

Here’s what our 2018 parents had to say about their experience at BADP:

“I have to take a minute to praise the Big Apple Day camp! My son has NEVER had a good camp experience.  You guys are AMAZING! Shuni has been nothing short of fantastic and I am so grateful for this summer program. My son actually enjoys going to camp-even if he complains about the academics lol! Not only was he able to make new friends- he has a girlfriend! Thank you again and looking forward to many summers together!”

“I could not be more grateful to have found BADP.  I cried on the last day of camp because I was just so glad to have found a place where my son was seen, supported and cared for as the amazing kid he is with all his strengths and deficits. The program was truly tailored to his needs, and it was FUN for him too!  The counselors were warm and well-trained, and the assistant director communicated well and often.”

“The camp was much better than we expected. Not only our child enjoyed the camp, it was very educational for us. We learned methods to deal with the situations. All people involved were very professional.”

“BADP was the first time our son really enjoyed his camp experience. He has had difficult day camp experiences and over the last year also had trouble with first grade. We were a little skeptical at first but he had a really amazing time, came home happy every day, made friends, and learned many new discrete social skills. We are very happy that he went to BADP and will probably send him back next summer.”

“Big Apple is a wonderful camp.  Not only did my son learn a tremendous amount about social skills and improved his coping skills, he had an absolute blast!   He felt so confident at Big Apple.  I only wish the Manhattan Psychology Group ran a school.  Also, the management team and the counselors are all so wonderful.” 

“BADP is truly an amazing camp. We cannot speak highly enough of all of the counselors and professional staff at BADP.  They are so loving and nurturing to all the kids and create a fun, safe and challenging environment to foster their personal growth and social development. They have really helped our son immensely. We are so grateful to you BADP!”

“My son made tremendous strides over the summer growing his social emotional maturity. Thank you Big Apple!”

“Big Apple Day program has been a great enjoyable experience for my son. He has attended for two years and truly enjoys the counselors and over all experience. He feels great about himself loves to show me his DRC reports. The boost of self confidence and happiness he feels from being in an environment that allows him to grow and be accepted is priceless.”

“BADP is an AMAZING, and goal oriented social skills camp!!!   Everyone is very friendly, happy, and engaging!!! My child loved it!!!”

“We are really impressed with your camp. There are many different special needs camps and classes in the NYC area but very few have the kind of dedication, passion and enthusiasm that we found in your camp. The way the camp is set up, the daily details, the quality of your counselors and staff and above all the efforts to involve the parents was all amazing.”