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Summer 2016 – Pre & Post Camp Parent Social Skills Ratings Outcomes

  • Ages 4-6:  29% Increase in Social Competence
  • Ages 7-8:  15% Increase in Social Competence
  • Ages 9-12:  16% Increase in Social Competence


Summer 2015 – Pre & Post Camp Parent Social Skills Ratings Outcomes

  • Ages 5- 6: 36% Increase in Social Competence
  • Ages 7-8: 21% Increase in Social Competence
  • Ages 9-12: 15% Increase in Social Competence


Summer 2014 – Pre & Post Camp Parent Social Skills Ratings Outcomes


Summer 2013 – Pre & Post Camp Parent Social Skills Ratings Outcomes


Summer 2012 – The majority of parents reported “some or significant” improvements in:

  • Compliance and following directions
  • Managing transitions and flexibility
  • Behavioral control and impulsivity
  • Working independently, focus and paying attention
  • Peer social skills (initiating conversations, sharing, helping, etc…)
  • Managing or coping with anger
  • Self-esteem & confidence
  • Interest in sports
  • Willingness to try new things


What parents say about BADP:


Summer 2016

“At Big Apple Day Program, my 7-year-old son was gently encouraged and supported in meeting important behavioral and academic goals, while still engaging in fun summer activities. He looked forward to camp every morning, had a blast swimming, playing sports, going on field trips and making new friends. We feel the excellent camp staff helped prepare our whole family for the next academic year. Our son has already asked to go next summer!”

“This camp made such a big difference in my child’s social skills and improved my daughter’s social and academic life at school. Staff is professional, helpful, and caring. Best of all, my daughter loved going to camp and has learned so much. Can’t wait to return next year!”

“Big Apple Day Program was an amazingly positive experience for our entire family. It provided our son with an unbelievable summer where he learned invaluable skills that have helped him grow socially, personally and emotionally. At camp, he was helped to make great friendships, play well at games, and feel empowered to learn more about himself- all supported by a wonderful, caring staff. As parents, we couldn’t have been happier, seeing our son excited every day for camp and to witness how much he has grown in such a short period of time.”

“Big Apple helps kids win socially by giving very clear expectations of behavior and standing by with small tweaks to help the process of making and strengthening friendships stay on track. Practicing day in and day out how to listen and watch for how others are reacting is hugely helpful and because everyone’s doing it no child feels stigmatized or singled out. The camp fosters playdates with other campers and these are not only a great way to boost self esteem but a chance to practice and get better at cooperating and taking turns.”


Summer 2015

“Andrew loved camp and looked forward to it every day. The friendships and skills he found will last a lifetime.”

“BADP was perfect for my son. He had a great time doing things he struggles with during school – playing sports and making friends. He got the attention and support he needed but the freedoms to have a carefree summer experience.”

“Professional approach to support young children and their parents in their social development. Excellent methodology and very skilled and committed counselors.”

“Our daughter, who has always struggled to make and keep friends, made several strong connections to her peers this summer. BADP worked hard to help her learn how to foster friendships and how to feel important in her peer group. She loved every minute of camp and already asked if she can go back next summer!”

“The BADP Team is excellent. Besides being top-notch psychologists and educators, they all seem to get to know each child thoroughly and care about them as small, unique individuals.”

“Big Apple Day Program is an outstanding camp. The staff is very devoted to my daughter’s safety and well-being. They ensure that my daughter feels successful and happy while working on her goals, and preparing the upcoming school year. All of their strategies worked and my daughter had a seamless transition to third grade after her first summer”


Summer 2014

“Great summertime opportunity to learn lifelong valuable social skills in a nurturing, caring and fun environment. The camp is a no non-sense program put together by psychologists who hire counselors who are interested in working with kids with LDs. The kids have a blast while working hard.”

“The daily social skills training were super valuable for our family and I am thrilled that we decided to send our child to the BADP.”

“Big Apple Day Program fosters an environment where each child is accepted and empowered. My child is more confident and empathetic during and after the program. He is more aware of how his behavior effects others and consequently, makes better choices.”

“Results oriented program with a realistic approach to helping children thrive socially”

“My son comes alive at Big Apple. He makes so many friends and loves the activities, especially the swimming and beach trips.”

“Our family had a very positive experience with BADP. Our son enjoyed attending camp everyday and we feel that he has learned a few skill on how to deal with frustrating situations. It’s great to have trained professionals available to help campers manage social situations.”

“My daughter had so much fun at badp. She gained social awareness and confidence, and we learned to be much more effective parents.”

“Our son thrived at this camp. He couldn’t wait to get there. The team was so supportive and aware of his needs. He made improvements in his ability to interact in a fun way with his peers. He gained confidence.”


Summer 2013

“This is a crown jewel of a program for kids. The director is a great doctor with excellent leadership and management skills who really likes kids. The kids are hand selected by the director and co-director. The staff is a group of mature graduate students who really care about the kids and work hard to help them succeed in learning academics and important social skills in a friendly environment enriched with great learning and fun. As a parent, this program really ‘took me to school’ about parenting skills. It provided me with numerous ways and tools to address conflicts and difficult situations with my son. It transformed my son into a flexible, self-controlled, more disciplined little guy. For the first time in his 8 years, my son finally allowed me to trim his nails while he was awake. I attribute this flexibility and maturity to BADP.

“BADP is a great program – for the kids, it feels like a regular summer camp, but its a safe environment for them to develop much needed social skills”

“Our son had a fantastic summer thanks to BADP. He had fun, made friends, and improved his confidence with social interactions. He’ll go back to school much more prepared with lots of practice and good experiences to support him.”

“BADP combines social skills training, a nurturing environment, very nice kids and FUN! It was a great experience for my son each of the last two years.”

“In a short 6 weeks we noticed a great improvement in Andrew’s social skills and attitude. Amazing hands on program, which is re- enforced with parent training.”

“BADP is unlike any camp experience I have seen. As the parent of two special needs children, it was a challenge in and of itself to find a camp that would accommodate both of their unique learning and social styles. BADP enabled both of my children to have a productive and enjoyable summer filled with social and academic gains.”

“My son said it was the best camp ever.”

“My son’s was extremely afraid to go into the pool. After day one, he couldn’t wait to go into the pool. The camp staff were patient and very helpful.”


Summer 2012

“Friendly, nurturing and an excellent experience for the family.”

“Josh, you’ve been a true inspiration – a really fine teacher and role model… Both to me and my son.”

He has never been anywhere close to as motivated as he was at Big Apple. He learned, had fun, and made new friends. After trying to make typical summer and break camps work for him, it was a delight to have somewhere where he could shine.”

It was been the best experience ever. My son has changed so much. He’s happier than 6 weeks ago.”

“Very positive. He was very happy there, the classes were helpful, and it was a nice group of kids.”

“the individualized attention and goal setting…and the parental support”

“the parenting classes were invaluable, and the overall structure of the program was great…”

“I loved the point system. The parent class is a great concept. I learned a lot. Great group of kids…“the parent seminars were excellent. It gave me concrete tools to reinforce what was learned in the camp…I saw change in my daughter and change in our relationship because I was given tools that are ‘positively’ geared and my daughter was conditioned to respond”

“the fact that he looks forward to camp and enjoys both the sports and classroom activities”