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2019 HIGHLIGHT REEL and Parent Feedback:

Parents rated our program at 92.9% satisfaction.

92.9% of parents said that BADP was a good value for the price.

92.3% of parents said they are interested in returning again next year.

92.9% of parents said they would recommend BADP to other parents.

What parents had to say about their experience at BADP:

“My daughter shined at BADP. She struggled with other main stream camp experiences but at BADP, she loved the structure and thrived with goals and rewards. She came home feeling a sense of accomplishment and also made some lasting friendships.”

“My son finally met kids who get him and is excited to play with them and asking for playdates for the first time! I will keep coming back!”

“My child said that this is the best camp he’s been to.”

“Our child had a great summer at BADP! She felt very successful everyday and came home full of positive stories and asking if she can attend Big Apple next year. She has developed a real vocabulary for the skills that she is working on and very proud of her progress. Thank you for a great summer!”

Our son did not want the summer camp to end and wants to go back next year. It is a well thought out and well run program! Thank you!”

“BADP was everything we could have dreamed of for our son and more-its frankly very hard to put it all into words.. The professional staff is incredible. They really get the kids (even the more complicated ones!) and have fostered our son’s strengths with loads of enthusiasm and warmth, while tailoring a highly individualized program to minimize his weaknesses. The camp has also deepened our skills as parents enabling us to enjoy each other even more each day. All that in a place my son felt loved and appreciated and couldn’t wait to go back each day. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!”

“For us, the Daily Report Card (DRC) was an invaluable source of insight and alignment. (Our son rarely speaks much about the day-to-day at school and we tend to only hear from the school when they have negative things to say.). The DRC, albeit intimidatingly named, is actually explicitly optimistic. It is customized for our son — based on his goals and revised as he reaches them. It is framed in a very positive light and incremental in its approach so he feels his goals are feasible. It is informed by trained PsyD and lovingly completed by well-educated counselors who truly care about our son. We love using it to initiate dinner conversation and we’ll all miss it now the camp is done.”

“Camp had an amazing impact on our family- on both [our son’s] social and behavior as well as in our interaction as a family.