Joshua Rosenthal, PsyD – Founder & Owner

Dr. Rosenthal is a New York & New Jersey licensed psychologist who specializes in the clinical treatment of children, young adults and families. He is the Director of Child & Adolescent Treatment at Manhattan Psychology Group, PC (MPG), which maintains offices on the UES and UWS in Manhattan. MPG provides individual cognitive-behavioral therapy, Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), behavioral parent training, family therapy, and social skills training. Dr. Rosenthal has given grand rounds on Asperger’s Syndrome at Woodhull Medical Center and Lenox Hill Hospital, and written on the behavioral treatment of ADHD. He also created the Electronic Daily Report Card (eDRC) to improve social and academic behaviors at school.

Ariel Kornblum, PsyD, BCBA – Director (9-12 Group)

Dr. Kornblum is a New York State licensed psychologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst who received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from The George Washington University, and completed her doctoral degree at St. John’s University. Dr. Kornblum has a wide range of experience working with children and their families in schools, homes and in private practice. Dr. Kornblum has extensive training and experience providing behavioral therapies, including applied behavior analysis, cognitive behavioral therapy, social skills training, and parent management training. She utilizes a collaborative approach to the treatment of a wide range of emotional and behavioral disorders.

Lauren Feiden, PsyD – Director (7-8 Group)

Dr. Feiden is a New York State licensed psychologist who received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from McGill University, and went on to receive a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in children and adolescents from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Feiden has extensive experience working with children, adolescents, and families with a wide range of emotional and behavioral disorders and providing treatment in a number of different settings including community mental health centers, partial hospitalization programs, and in private practice. Dr Feiden has training and experience in cognitive behavioral therapy, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), play therapy, and parent training.

Shuni Zerykier, PsyD – Director (5-6 Group)

Dr. Zerykier is a New York State licensed psychologist who received her B.A. in Psychology from Rutgers University and went on to earn her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in health psychology from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Zerykier has experience providing social skills training, play therapy, cognitive behavioral treatment and parent training with children, adolescents and families. She also has experience leading social skills groups in both inpatient and outpatient settings and has received training in behavioral parent management training (PMT).

Natasha Djuravcevic, MSEd – Special Education Teacher (9-12 Group)

Natasha received her Bachelor’s degree from Iona College and her Master’s degree from Manhattanville College. Natasha currently holds her New York State Certification in both Childhood and Special Education in grades 1-6. She has spent the last four years in a New York City public school co-teaching in an ICT 5th grade class. Working in an ICT class, Natasha specializes in adapting the Common Core Curriculum to the needs of all learners and finds entry points for students with dyslexia, learning disabilities, speech and language delays, students on the ASD spectrum, behavior and emotional impairments as well as those with executive functioning disorder. Natasha’s primary focus is to teach students the appropriate skills and tools they will need to become more independent and successful life-long learners.

Rachel Awkward, MSEd – Special Education Teacher (7-8 Group)

Rachel received her Bachelor’s degree from Bryn Mawr College, her Master’s Degree in special education from Bank Street College, and her Master’s Degree in social work from Columbia University. She currently holds her New York State Certification in both Childhood and Special Education in grades 1-6. For the past five years, Rachel has been working at Mary McDowell Friends School with elementary aged students who have learning disabilities. As a classroom teacher, she worked with third and fourth graders. Rachel is passionate about differentiating content based on students’ strengths, struggles, and academic goals so that content is accessible to students. She also enjoys working with students to support them in understanding how their specific disabilities impact them, as well as supports and strategies that allow them to be successful as learners. As an educator, she continuously looks for opportunities to include social-emotional and social skill instruction in her teaching so that she is able to help students to grow in their understanding and management of their own feelings, and also so they can grow and improving their social interactions with others

Sarah LaFontaine, MAEd – Special Education Teacher (5-6 Group)

Sarah received her Bachelor’s Degree from Miami University in Ohio and majored in Early Childhood Education. She then earned a Master’s Degree from New York University and majored in Early Childhood Special Education. She holds a New York State Certification in both Early Childhood Education and Students with Disabilities (birth- grade 2). During the past 4 years, she taught in a self-contained classroom working with students ages 2-6. She currently works for the New York City Department of Education in an ICT 1st grade classroom in Manhattan. She is trained in Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Curriculum, Wilson’s Fundations and Go Math! She has years of experience working with students with significant developmental delays, learning disabilities, speech and language delays, sensory processing delays, behavior and emotional impairments and Autism. She is also trained in Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) and skilled in applying Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) to the classroom to promote a caring, comfortable and supportive classroom environment.

Isabella Rodriguez, LPN (Health Director)

Isabella Rodriguez is a licensed practical nurse in the state of New York. She received her LPN from Mildred-Elley College in Albany and has 5 years of experience working in the healthcare field throughout the state of New York. Ms. Rodriguez has nursing experience working in the medical/surgical hospital setting, long term care facilities, urgent care, and adolescent residential treatment services. She is currently the school nurse at a private special education high school in Manhattan and actively pursuing her Bachelor’s degree at Helene Fuld College of Nursing. Ms Rodriguez is responsible for all aspects of medical care at BADP, including providing First Aid for minor injuries, administering medication and coordinating with outside agencies during any medical emergencies.

Advanced Trained Counselors

We hand-pick our specialized team of 20 counselors from local colleges, master’s programs and doctoral programs. Most have specialized training in ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Learning Disabilities, and Behavior Management. Many are student athletes as well and know how to have fun at camp with children! All staff and counselors participate in a 40-hour intensive training the week before BADP starts. We do not hire high school students or CITs.